IV Therapy Basics

What is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion Therapy, aka IV therapy, is a procedure used to introduce fluids, vital nutrients, and medications directly into your bloodstream by IV.   By introducing them directly into your bloodstream, your circulatory system can quickly move them throughout your body. That makes it the quickest form of getting those nutrients into your system.   In fact, this 200 year old technology is still the most commonly used method of giving medication to patients in hospitals today. 

Not only does it have a substantially more rapid effect, your body absorbs 100% of these nutrients and medications vs. 20-40% by taking the same things orally.   Plus, there’s no irritation or strain on the digestive system.  Rest easy, knowing infusion therapy is the quickest, most hassle-free and effective way to take your vitamins. 


Wellness encompasses more than just physical well-being.  It is a broader term including mental and emotional health.  Vitamin deficiencies can cause horrible imbalances in our bodies. That leads to poor emotional health and brain fog.   Simply taking enormous multi-vitamin packs every day is helpful, but a large majority of those elements pass right through your system. Even worse, vitamins have a tendency to cause irritation on your digestive system. 

 The proper blend of vitamins and minerals in our IV cocktails have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and provide mental clarity.  Not to mention, they promote a healthy immune system to keep away illness – all without the upset stomach.


Tired, wrinkled, blemished skin is a problem for almost everyone over the age of 30.  Stress, chronic dehydration, and sun damage take a massive toll on our skin. Free radicals cause tissue damage and aging by oxidation.  Oxidization is the same process that happens when metal rusts. 

 Reverse the aging effects with compounds specifically designed to brighten, smooth, and nourish your skin.   Add a biotin boost to your infusion to promote healthy hair and nail growth. Top it off with the detox power of glutathione.  Our patients have seen results with as little as one treatment. 


Competing is taxing on the body.  Sweating causes fluid and electrolyte loss and builds up toxins in your system. In fact, the sore feeling you get after a workout (or even getting a firm massage) is caused by the release of lactic acid into your muscles.   The only way to rid yourself of that acid is by flushing it out with large volumes of water.  The electrolytes lost while exercising play a large part in proper muscle function. They also assist your body by keeping a healthy pH (acid/alkaline) balance and allow all the water you take in to be absorbed.  Sports drinks add tons of unnecessary calories and sugar.  So how do you replace those electrolytes quickly and effectively?  We can show you.  Boost your recovery with glutathione (your body’s natural detox agent) and an anti-inflammatory compound. You’ll be completely recovered in no time.

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