Hydrology is Dallas/Fort Worth's premier luxury IV therapy service. At Hydrology, we focus on improving your lifestyle in the comfort of your home. Change the way you feel and perform by choosing one of our designer Drips that cleanse, heal, and restore your body. Currently, our providers are serving locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, North Houston, and Conroe.



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Best Selling Drips

Designed for the high-performance athlete. Whether gearing up for an ultra-marathon or recovering from a Crossfit workout, The Contender will hydrate, heal, repair and detox your system for top performance.
Long weekend? The Rehab is here to pick you up. Engineered to rehydrate, balance, relieve headaches and give you the energy you need to get through the day. This infusion gets you back to work, school or play ASAP.
We've found the fountain of youth. Brighten and soften your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, de-toxify, energize & revitalize from the inside out. You'll always look and feel your best with The Fountain.
Hard work and hard play fills our bodies with toxins that lead to illness, fatigue, and mental fog. The Cleanse uses Glutathione, Vitamin C, and a fluid infusion to flush those toxins leaving you feeling clean from the inside out.
Our most powerful cure for a night of too much fun. In addition to The Rehab infusion, The VIP adds vital nausea and heartburn relief - along with vitamins and minerals to help you recover in a fraction of the time.
Kohnie K.
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I had my first drip today. The Myers! Within an hour, my back pain (due to scoliosis and degenerative disk disease( was relieved as well as my hip and neck pain! I feel so much better thanks to this blend! So glad I decided to give this a try! Thank you!!!
James H.
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As a former runner trying to get back into shape and training for an ultra, I think I’ve found my key to success. I have a continual problem with inflammation and joint pain and The Contender has helped tremendously in my recovery. Being able to recover faster means being able to put in more miles. Not to mention the added hydration and vitamin intake helps with energy. Definitely found a ‘must have’ for my program.
Scott C.
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My Rehab option therapy session with Jake today was terrific! Well informed throughout the process and absolutely felt great afterwards. Highly recommended. Can’t wait for the next one!
Miranda B.
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The Rehab + Glutathione cured my hangover this afternoon. Awesome experience! 🤸‍♂️